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Yumite Company Uniform is Coming

  • Autor:Fiona
  • Quelle:Yumite
  • Lassen Sie auf:2016-04-28

In the morning of April 28, 2016, Yumite Company Uniform was sent to the office.

The administration staff gave the uniform to all employee one by one.

Our company uniform is a light blue, short sleeved shirt. The bottom of the right sleeve was embroidered with black “Yumite”.

Summer is coming, all of us wear the uniform at the moment. It will become a beautiful landscape in Yumite.

Yumite is a barcode scanner factory located in Shenzhen, china. As one of the biggest barcode scanner manufacturers, Yumite can provide various kinds of barcode scanner.

We sincerely hope we will have nice cooperation and work together to create a brilliant future!

Contact Yumite via fiona@yumite.com.cn