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Growing Demand for Portable Barcode Scanner Will Boost

  • Autor:Rick
  • Fonte:From Yumite
  • Solte em:2016-05-09
“The availability of customized and innovative products like portable barcode scanners and other mobile computing devices will be a significant driver of market growth. Portable barcode scanners are devices connected to a server by either a wired connection or a wireless mode, such as bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other protocol over a radio interface,” said Asif Gani, one of Technavio’s lead analysts for automation research.

“The feature of portability in barcode scanners allows employees to not only use the device at retail counters, but also throughout any given warehouse facility. Instead of carrying bulky objects to the barcode reader, the barcode reader can be carried to the objects for reading. As these scanners are easy to use and highly flexible the market will likely experience a significant rise in the demand for portable scanners over the next four years,” added Asif.