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Mobile Payment Times

  • Autor:Crystal
  • Lassen Sie auf:2016-07-28

“Must take wallet when go out before, but now be afraid to forgot charger” it is true life in Mobile payment times. From the small peddlers to the huger supermarket , many merchants accept mobile payment , many payments are finished by Wechat and Alipay. In china Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are using Alipay payment and wechat payment, moreover mobile payment industry is developing rapidly, so how the traditional merchants adapt the new demand of customers?

Specialist thought providing the Alipayment and wechat payment service to the offline business, at the same time it is most important to provide the membership management system and data operation service. Mobile payment companies control the market, traditional offline business through the Internet, information technology, create new opportunities for the consumer to upgrade.

As a supplier of alipayment and wechat payment, Yumite developed YT-2001 barcode scanner to help upgrade infrastructure, expand mobile payments. YT-2001 is 2D wired barcode scanner which has great performance in the mobile alipayment and wechat payment barcode.