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What differences between Laser Scan Engine / Barcode Scanner Module and CCD Scan Engine

  • Author:yoyo
  • Source:Original by Yumite
  • Release on:2015-05-19
Yumite has two Scan Engine/Barcode Scanner Module,One is Laser Scan Engine/Barcode Scanner Module,the other is CCD Scan Engine/Barcode Scanner Module.These are significant part of China Barcode Scanner.
The main differences between them are 
1.Different Scanning Speed.Laser Scan Engine is 100times/second,CCD Scan Engine is 280times/second 
2.Different Decoding Ability.Compared with Laser Scan Engine,CCD Scan Engine is able to decode poor barcode and screen barcode.
3.Different Interface Port.Laser Scan Engine supports USB/RJ45 interface while CCD Scan Engine supports 
USB interface.
4.Different Price.CCD Scan Engine is much more expensive than Laser Scan Engine.