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Barcode Scanner knowledge Encyclopedia

  • Author:Fiona
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2015-07-21

The barcode scanner is applied for commercial POS system. And barcode scanner is divided into CCD barcode scanner, hand-held laser barcode scanner and the omnidirectional laser barcode scanner.

CCD barcode scanner is taken imaging pattern. Its advantages are no shaft, motor, long life and cheap price. When choosing CCD scanner, the most significant parameters are depth of field and resolution.

Laser handheld barcode scanner is a single line scanner which uses laser diodes as light source. It is mainly rotating mirror type and tremble mirror type. Commercial enterprises pay attention to the scanning speed and resolution instead of the depth when choosing laser handheld scanner.

When the Depth of field increased, the resolution will be greatly reduced. Excellent hand-held laser scanner should be high scanning speed, fixed depth and high resolution.

Omnidirectional scanner makes the laser refraction which emited by laser diode through an optical system. The main purpose is to reduce the collection staff when they working. The choice should focus on its scan line piebald dispersion:

A plurality of parallel lines in one direction;

A plurality of scanning lines by one point;

In a certain space of interpretation of probability points converge.

The omnidirectional scanner meet the above three points is preferred business.

Currently the China bar code scanner manufacturer brand Yumite has a self-developed CCD barcode scanners and hand-held laser barcode scanner. The omnidirectional barcode scanner is also under preparation, so stay tuned.
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