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Barcode Scanner Applications

  • Author:yoyo
  • Source:original from yumite
  • Release on :2015-07-25

Where is barcode,there is barcode scanner.

Barcode scanner is larged applied in event management, government, healthcare, manufacturing, oem and retail.

Yumite barcode scanner,ranked on google 1st page and top three China barcode scanner manufacturer. For event management especially for entertainment activities such as FIFA, Concert Live, attendees enter with barcode tickets.

Government such as motor vehicle,ID/Passport identification and integrated IT industry.

Healthcare applications are such as patients’ authentication and blood management, baby and mother’s management, medicine management etc.

Manufacturing applications are PCB classify and manufacturing date marking etc.

OEM application for integrated use such as ticketing machine, kios, PDA.

Retail such as chain stores and supermarket application.