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How to choose express barcode scanner

Crystal 2015-08-05 15:03:29

      As we all know the products barcode of express industry are very standard, the common barcode in express is 1D code such as : code 39, cross 25code etc. the express barcode scanner should be easy to scan, fast and accuracte, avoide to scan repeatedly, scan automatically. Because the environment of using the barcode scanner in express is very scurvy, there are many dust and easy to drop so the scanner should help resist cracking and resist dust. Also the demand of express is very big and the cost should be low.

      When choosing express barcode scanner, many people think that CCD barcode scanner isn’t as good as laser, there is doubt to performance of CCD barcode scanner. Thus Yumite will give you a right cognition of CCD barcode scanner. With development of technology and upgrade, now the performance of CCD is several times than laser. Just like Yumite YT-1001.


YT-1001 can meet all the demands of express:

1.       Long Depth Filed, over 30cm reading distance. So it avoids the long distance can’t be read and also improve the sensitivity of barcode scanner, meet the requirement of “easy to scan”

2.       Fast scan, the scanning speed is 280times/s, meet the requirement of “fast”.

3.       Cheap price, meet the express “low cost”

4.       Powerful function, can avoid scanning repeatedly, meet the requirement of “accuracy”.