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Bar code and RFID contrast - for outdoor applications

  • Author:Fiona
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2015-08-08

There are many significant difference between RFID technology and bar code.   RFID and bar code costing difference is not significant for indoor applications.And the cheap paper to print bar code labels can not be used outside. Only the Polyester,Foil packaging materials or metal substrates can perform relatively harsh outdoor environments owning to high strngth.In addition, durable bar code requires the use of the thermal transfer printing technology. It costs more than conventional printing technology.

Barcode reader indentifies rely on dark and bright fringes contrast. The bar code in the bright sunlight outdoors is not easy to read, and laser scanning is difficult to read target in direct sunlight environment.As the outdoor environment is unique, the bar code often requires to be read repeatedly by staff. If the bar code substrate and printing technology are not suitable outdoor environments, the pattern will slowly fades over time and be unreadable ultimately.

The rapid developing barcode scanner technology is able to scan fuzzy code although bar code with deficiencies。Yumite is a professional bar code read equipment manufacturer. We are engaged in the design, R&D, produce and brand market. There are new products introduced every two months on average.
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