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The knack of setting 2D barcode scanner

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on :2015-09-21

  Yumite after-sale service department found there is such situation in the repairing. Sometimes the scanners weren’t broken, just the setting parameter was changed. The settings of barcode scanner is very big if only consider head label or end label the problem can’t be solved. So you can do these steps as follows:

1.Interface choose

There are three interface for scanner, such as:RS232, PS/2. some barcode scanner must be set RS232, so the parameter is wrong , change to PS/2 then it is no use to set the parameter.

2.Scanning method

There are many scanning methods included in scanner, choosing Trigger on/good read off, press the trigger to start the scanner and read the right barcode. Other mode such automatic mode can be used in market.

3.Barcode type chose

There are so many barcode types and many POS system only support 0~9 numbers is suitable for EAN13, EAN8. General speaking, the scanner can read the barcode type by itself but for special type Code93 need to setting. If the EAN13 can’t be supported , should read “Enable”.