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Laser 2D barcode is applied in Gold jewelry industry

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on :2015-10-14

  Today 2D barcode is used very popularly and it is applied in more and more industry. But in the high value gold jewelry industry, how to use 2D barcode and 2D barcode scanner to realize anti-fake, inquiring. Laser 2D barcode is that using laser engrave the 2D barcode in the products and then use the 2D barcode scanner to read. This technology combine the advantage of  laser printing and big storage of 2D barcode, so compare with the traditional barcode printer , it has some superiority:

Not be altered

     Compared with traditional inkjet technology erasable change, it can’t be changed after the 2D code laser printing, from the source to control the various product information, so that consumers feel more credible.

 Print speed

     Inkjet technology probably only achieve one minute dozens of print speed, heat transfer at most ninety per minute, but laser coding can achieve two to three hundred a minute amount of print, which is to improve production line automation the degree of great benefit, for shipments of hundreds of billions of dollars per year gold jewelry industry members, this is undoubtedly even more good news.

Wide range of applications

    By adjusting the different light sources, using a laser to achieve 90% of the basic materials for a code. More importantly, through a code test, is now capable of etching a size of 1.6mm × 1.6mm two-dimensional code, to achieve mark in 2mm wide ring engraved.