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the advantage of using laser 2D barcode in gold jeweley industry

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2015-10-17
As we all know, at this stage, there are still the gold jewelry industry label chaos, confusion between true and false, incomplete background and other shortcomings, these areas are seriously restricting the healthy development of the industry. I believe that after a code to be related technological breakthroughs, using two-dimensional bar code laser scanner to read two-dimensional code in the gold jewelry industry can solve the following problems:

▲ help improve inventory efficiency gold jewelery industry. When information is written to the relevant position endowed by, when scan code can easily achieve goods inventory, location tracking, improve inventory efficiency stores, etc., to reduce the burden on employees.

▲ can be compared with other techniques to achieve the same effect, low cost, is conducive to long-term business use. Due to the two-dimensional code can be achieved using a laser anti-counterfeiting and product management functions to achieve the same function as compared to RFID technology, low cost, easy to use by corporate adoption.

▲ improve fraud threshold. Two-dimensional code laser etched directly after gold jewelry, due to the small size of the code, can not directly use mobile phones and other conventional equipment to scan read, must be equipped with a dedicated reading device or APP in the development of specialized stores, which for criminals to steal Products added difficulty, and the need to buy a laser printer to fraud, it is possible by laser equipment supplier's customer management to achieve tracing fraud and other vendors.