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Advantages of Scanning to Google Sheets

  • Author:Fiona
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2015-11-03

In the past, Microsoft Excel was commonly used in inventory management. Today, it is now possible to use barcode applications and upload to an excel spreadsheet. 

However, the excel file runs the risk of being lost or damaged. This is why barcode scanner for Google Sheets is essential. In fact, it is more portable and handy. Some Barcode Scanner allows use of the same application. It can be utilized as a database for inventory management. With a simple scan, an item's information can be uploaded to Google Sheets.

The Google Sheet makes sense as your inventory management tool. It is not necessary to download new software in opening files in Google Sheets format in any device. Google Sheets and Google Drive enable users to be mobile. Besides, use of the Internet and browser permits anyone to make changes and view documents. This is a convenient and easy way of inventory management. Furthermore, it is possible to view documents even without the Internet through Google Docs' offline features. Google Sheets are also evolving to have more capabilities and features. 

With its tools, the user can create graphs that will allow viewing of information in different format. Graphs provide an accurate picture of inventory and facilitates report-making. This is a great feature of Google Sheets based inventory management.