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barcode and barcode reader information

  • Author:Rick
  • Source:From Yumite
  • Release on:2015-12-07
Barcodes are machine-readable data codes which are used to store information that can be retrieved by specially designed scanners. Barcodes can be created using different barcoding techniques, known as symbologies, categorized into linear and 2D matrix. Laser and inkjet printers can be used to print linear barcode however a thermal barcode printer is required for printing 2D matrix barcodes. The linear barcodes are thin and thick black bars printed on a white background and can store up to 14 numeric characters which is sufficient to be identified as a serial number in several applications such as warehousing, distribution and inventory control. The 2D matrix uses intricate patterns of blocks and arrangements instead of lines; hence, it can store thousands of characters. Irrespective of the symbology used, the amount of information stored in the barcode depends on its size, which in turn, depends on the barcode scanner being used.

There are four basic kinds of barcode readers namely pen, laser, charged couple device (CCD) and 2D camera differing on the basis of their size and their light capturing capabilities. The scanners emit light on the barcode and capture the remitted light from the barcode as optical code information.