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Scanner applications in various industry

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2015-12-09
Wireless scanning gun can transfer data via Bluetooth, the length limit for transferring data from the data cable, more convenient to use. Scanner in various industries have applications are:
1. Logistics Express
    Available in income sent waybill data acquisition and recording, transit field / warehouse data acquisition and recording, by scanning the express barcode mode, the waybill information through 3G module directly transmitted to the back-end server, and can achieve query and other functions related business information.
2, chains / stores / counters data acquisition
    For shops, sales, storage, disk, transfer, retirement, collection and transmission of the data set, and other members of management, but also realize the store inventory.
3, shoes order
    Wireless ordering for shoes and apparel industry, based on WIFI wireless communications technology, wireless scanning gun scanning bar codes by way of on-site orders, the order data wirelessly transmitted back ordering system, and can achieve query, statistics and analysis.
4, card management
    It is used to manage a variety of IC cards and contactless IC card, such as identity cards, membership cards and so on. Card Management by definition is to manage various contact / non-contact IC card, so scanner using major extensions of the contact / non-contact IC card reader.
5, bill management
    For data acquisition theater tickets, tickets, tickets and other scenic spots ticket units.