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Bar Codes Make Us Green(1)

  • Author:Rick
  • Source:From Yumite
  • Release on:2015-12-24
1. Carbon Footprint Bar Code
We love the idea of using barcodes to scan items and know their carbon footprint. We're getting closer to having more companies jump on board with reporting the carbon footprints of their products - even Apple has joined the party, and the first TV got its Carbon Footprint Verification. We just need more standardized methods of accounting and reporting carbon emissions for products and supply chains, and the carbon footprint barcode can become a reality.

2. Rainforest Logging Bar Code
Barcodes on rainforest trees has become a way to track and slow the pace of illegal logging. Helveta has created a system where all trees going through logging facilities have barcodes that connect them with certain forests and loggers, and if a tree comes through without a barcode to scan, it's likely illegally logged and the culprit can be tracked. It's a low-effort way to help slow the damage done to rainforests by illegal loggers.