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4 Reasons Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner Battery is Critical to Success(2)

  • Author:Rick
  • Source:From Yumite
  • Release on:2016-10-19
2. Inventory control: Inventory management is essential to retail. Consumers expect your shelves and racks to be readily stocked when they walk in the door. Precise inventory control keeps track of the amount of product on the floor or in the back — or the lack thereof. Overstocks are just as troublesome as out-of-stocks; the latter will send potential customers running to another store, while the former is a surplus of merchandise that translates to a budget deficit. Barcode scanner battery failure can lead to costly inaccuracies, especially when the user doesn’t realize their scanner doesn’t have enough power to record the data. Additionally, a battery that doesn’t last a full shift requires the employee to pause their task and leave to swap out the dead battery, which lowers productivity and increases the possibility of mistakes if someone else takes over.
3. Loss prevention: Shrinkage is a significant and expensive concern for many retailers. Loss prevention officers alone cannot solve this problem. Correct inventory records are key in prevention. Knowing exactly how much product you have and where it is will help in the fight against shrinkage caused by customer and employee theft. A scanner is as reliable as its power source. A scanner battery that can’t last a full shift may compromise the inventory count, and increase the chances of profit loss.