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Barcode Scanning Technology ! Which Scanning Technology Is Right for Your Business?

  • Author:Ben
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2016-07-12
Scanning technology is constantly evolving and providing industries with more choices in data capture solutions. Two competing data capture devices: the laser scanner and the digital imager have many businesses facing a tough decision. Deciding which scanning technology is right for your application can be a difficult task. Knowing the advantages and applications in which these two technologies are used is the first step to success.

The key to deciding between these two technologies is determining which fits the requirements and budget of your business most accurately.

Laser Scanners

Laser scanners provide excellent scanning productivity and accuracy; this allows operators to achieve high productivity in high-throughput areas of business. Laser scanners are capable of decoding barcodes over wide ranges and can achieve 50% more range than digital imagers. Because laser scanning technology has been refined, scanners are less expensive than comparable digital imagers. Although laser scanners are incapable of reading 2D barcode, Laser scanners offer a number of advantages for a multitude of applications and should be considered the technology of choice for:

Decoding at long distance
Decoding UPC/EAN and other 1D barcodes used in retail
Applications that require motion tolerance
Self-Service shopping
While laser scanners prove to be advantageous in certain applications, other markets are better suited for digital imagers or a combination of both technologies.

Digital Imagers

In addition to 1D barcodes, digital imagers (also known as area imagers) can decode 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes can be encoded with significantly more information than 1D barcodes, making digital imagers beneficial to transportation, logistics, and tracking applications. Area imagers enable omni-directional reading of barcodes, eliminating the need to accommodate the scanning device. In addition to reading one and two-dimensional barcodes, high performance digital imagers can capture and transfer images, enabling signature capture and the scanning of documents. Area imagers have the capability of reading Direct Part Marking (DPM), a method of permanently marking a product. DPM is growing in popularity and allows a product to be tracked throughout its life. Digital imagers offer many advantages in certain applications, but area imagers are not to be confused with linear imagers. Although data is captured in a similar way, linear imagers aren’t capable of decoding entire images or 2D barcodes as an area imager can. Area imagers offer significantly more benefits and are the only choice for 2D barcode applications. Area imagers have proven to be beneficial in the following areas:

Decoding all kinds of 1D and 2D barcodes
Decoding DPM (Direct Part Marking)
Decoding critical tracking information
Capturing images for inventory management
Combining barcode decoding, image capture, and signature capture in a single device
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Which one Should Your Use?

When used in appropriate markets, laser scanners and digital imagers both deliver numerous benefits. At times, the combination of the two technologies may even be the correct decision. Both are powerful technologies that will increase productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs. When choosing a data capture technology, businesses must apply a careful analysis of the capabilities and advantages of each technology. Recognizing which technology, laser scanners or digital imagers, provides the most benefits for your business applications is the key.

Yunmite representatives are trained on both technologies, their advantages, along with their dis-advantages, and can help you choose the right technology for your application.

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