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Barcode technology in healthcare

  • Author:ben
  • Source:yumite
  • Release on:2016-09-02

Barcode technology in healthcare is the use of optical machine-readable representation of data in a hospital or healthcare setting.

Dating back to the 1970s, there has been a continual effort among healthcare settings to adopt barcode technology.[1] In the early 2000s, published reports began to illustrate high rates of medical error (adverse events) and the increasing costs of healthcare. As a result, the desire for barcoding technology in healthcare has grown as a realistic and applicable solution. Ranked first in 2007 and second in 2008 in the Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Leadership Survey, HIMSS placed high priority on the use of barcoding technology to reduce medical errors and promote patient safety.

1 Applications
1.1 Drug Identification & Medication Management
1.2 Specimen Collection and Blood Infusion Safety
1.3 Surgical Instrument Identification & Sterilization
1.4 Patient Identification
2 Barcoding Concerns
3 Future of Barcoding in Healthcare
4 See also
4.1 Compliant Barcode Standards used in Healthcare
4.1.1 Health Industry Bar Code Compliance
5 References
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6.1 Barcode Standards used in Healthcare

Health Industry Number (HIN®) and Health Industry Bar Code
Health Industry Bar Code Compliance[edit]
Basically the HIN® respectively the HIBC are coded compliant with various international joint ISO/IEC formatting standards. Especially the code structures comply with the standards defined in ISO/IEC 15418:2016 and

the Barcode complies with the structures defined in ISO/IEC 15420:2009,
the Codablock code complies with the structures defined in ISO/IEC 15424,
the DataMatrix code complies with the structures defined in ISO/IEC 16022:2006,
(the electronic UHF RFID code complies with the structures defined in ISO/IEC 18000-6:2013).
The first letter in the HIN® codes according to ISO/IEC 15418:2016 is a reserved + sign. The coding according to standard ISO/IEC 15418:2016 is subject to license fees