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Eight application of barcode in the logistic industry (I)

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2016-09-08

1.Warehouse products management

The application of barcode and stock management, avoid the writing wrong and improve the working efficiency. Meanwhile solving the lag problem from storeroom and also improving the delivery time.

2.Management of Production line

With bar code technology, order number, part type, Product Code bar code can be timely print and label the product parts and assembly production line. When the product off the assembly line, the production line quality control personnel sweep after passing the test product bar code, the bar code number and press process production line workers swept into the bar code, the failure of the product to the repair, maintenance is determined by the cause of the failure, the whole process does not require manual record.

3.Warehouse Management

Before a barcode, warehouse management jobs exist many problems, such as the material out of storage, goods storage sites and other information Notes cumbersome process, information transmission lag, leading to rising inventories, delivery date can not be guaranteed, according to the decision allowed the low reliability of the system sex. To avoid mistakes, some companies single additional inspection personnel, which reduces labor productivity, the impact of instruction processing speed. If the computer network system has been installed in the factory, simply add some bar code data collection devices before data entry can be resolved.

4.Inventory Management

Need to check when purchasing products variety and quantity, which is part of the work done by the data collector. First, download all of this purchase documents, product information to a data logger, the data logger will be prompted to enter an administrator materials goods receipt number, judging by the data logger This barcode is correct in the application system. If not, the system will immediately alert to make a material administrator; if correct, the administrator then scan the material item number on the bill of materials, the project system then checks whether the purchase order and the actual match.