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How to improve the recognition rate of barcodes barcode scanner

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2016-06-30
 A common beverage, especially polyester bottled drinks, punch square shape, and the bar code symbol is usually printed on the plastic label, the label affixed to the bottle after, along with the bottle shape becomes uneven, the occurrence of wrinkles, resulting in bar code symbol can not be read correctly. This case, the design of the bottle shape, when the site to ensure that the label is smooth. 
  Second, boxed food use printing inks, manually code printing machine label, bar code and label design position date corresponding to the position of the other side, and after the printing ink dries India will take some time on some boxes, fast dry ink takes 2 to 5 seconds, the slow-drying ink with more than 5 seconds. When after release dated push boxes, dry ink will not pollute the other bar code symbols on the box, how much pollution the number of stacking, forming stains, can not read properly, it should be emphasized in the design of the bar code position. 
  Special commodity frozen foods such as ice cream, when taken out after refrigeration, the surface due to the low temperature condensation of the thin layer of ice, covering all or part of the bar code symbol, so that can not be read correctly. Such goods are seasonal, short-term, we should adopt the code store.
  Yumite CCD barcode scanner can read the demaged barcode fastly and fluently.