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New Application of Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2016-04-27
As wireless technology is mature and popular, scanner industry are increasingly looking to get rid of cable problem,thus truly mobile internet.depending on years of accumulated technology bluetooth application, Yumite introduce compatible Bluetooth HID and SPP protocol serial Bluetooth scanner.Via Bluetooth scan data to the processing device processing to get rid of cable trouble,comparing the conventional scanner devices,Bluetooth scanner is more convenient and practical, Bluetooth can process data quickly and easily when it receive data from terminal(such as:moblie phone,tablet and other device)APP Software.

Why should current Bluetooth scanner applications need to support both HID and SPP two protocols? Replying on the current mainstream mobile operating system,Bluetooth Serial Transfer Protocol(SPP),can be used to achieve transparent data transmission,customers can install only support scanning applications to facilitate the achievement of the APP store scanner data transmitted to the data document. Currently the vast majority of Android phone,tablet,windows devices are fully supported SPP agreement, its fast,easy to use features make Bluetooth scanner in Andrews,windows systems mostly use SPP protocol transmission.

Use a compatible Bluetooth SPP and HID protocol program, you can quickly switch Bluetooth module working in SPP or HID transfer protocol state, to solve the Bluetooth device scanning product compatibility is not good issues, in order to achieve the perfect support for Windows,Android,IOS systems.Nowadays bluetooth scanner has been used more and more widely such as:supermarkets,restaurants,retail,courier and makes our work and life more convenient.