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The Application of Barcode Scanner in Logistics Distribution (I)

  • Author:crystal
  • Release on:2017-03-24
   In the process of logistics distribution, bar code scanning provides the most accurate and cost-effective identification, tracking and sorting capabilities, greatly improving the postal industry in shipping, receiving and loading and unloading operations of the quality and efficiency. The courier delivers quicker and more accurate delivery of parcels, winners and loyal customers with the help of automated data capture of express calipers. It can be seen, the logistics distribution of each operating point, equipped with a high-performance courier gun is important to see now, look at the express delivery of a single bar code scanning gun in all aspects of logistics and distribution applications.
  Storage operations: call out the computer documents, the use of scanning guns to confirm the number of goods, species confirmation, timely confirmation, and bar code to check. Here through the PDA work directly modify and confirm the background database file, not only saves the background computer personnel to enter and review the duplication of documents, reducing the responsibility of the link, and will not bring the wrong input and inventory of the original errors, improve the bank staff The responsibility and power.
 On the shelf management: According to the equipment instructions to complete the positioning of the goods placed. Improve the efficiency of the use of the warehouse and the overall efficiency of warehouse management. Warehouse management staff put the instructions, the system automatically prompts the goods need to place the space and shelf features, and even directly according to the requirements of the instructions to the goods sent to the delivery area, improve efficiency