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The Characteristics and Application of Two - dimensional Scanning Module (I)

  • Author:crystal
  • Release on:2017-04-13
  Two-dimensional bar code with storage capacity, high confidentiality, high tracking, strong resistance, poor support, low cost and other characteristics, these features are particularly suitable for forms, security, tracking, license, inventory, Aid and so on. But the two-dimensional bar code is the image form, decoding requires high-performance processing chip support, so the decoding speed has always been a domestic bar code scanning module factory a storm. Yumite independent research and development of the two-dimensional code bar code scanning module is used in the advanced 32-bit CPU, completely solve this problem, and can scan the phone screen two-dimensional code, Alipay / WeChat payment code and other two-dimensional code.

  Product details: Scanning mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning module
Here we look at the application of two-dimensional code scanning module

 Two-dimensional bar code scanning module form Application:
Documents, business forms, import and export declarations, manifests and other information exchange, to reduce the manual input form information, to avoid human error, reduce labor costs confidential applications: business intelligence, economic intelligence, political intelligence, military intelligence, private intelligence And other confidential information encryption and delivery

 Automatic tracking of automatic tracking, automatic tracking of logistic supplies, automatic tracking of medical examination, ecology research (animal, bird) automatic tracking, automatic tracking of automatic maintenance, automatic tracking of maintenance.