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The importance of barcode scanner in logistic

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2016-08-25
Recent years, along with the growth of information networking, scanner has been the widespread use of modern logistics in the growing, and automatic recognition of the Integration of wireless communication and data acquisition, contemporary logistics information to get active and timely transmission of important growth direction .
In the logistics process, by means of express courier delivery staff active scanner data capture, or can more quickly, more accurately deliver packages. Thus we can see that at every operating point in terms of logistics and distribution, a high-performance equipment gun delivery is very important. So, logistics and distribution of barcode scanner have what it takes?
1, receiving / warehousing scanning: scan bar code labels for goods, without restraint;
2, comes with power standby time: can perhaps best with its own charging cradle.
3, can perhaps be set to scan in the form of self-feel: that sense the bar code scanner and read, not sense the bar code to automatically switch off when the light condition, well cover the scanning head, which prevents the scanner settings Steady scanner life cut short when the formation of the case

Yumite YT-903&YT-1503 laser&CCD wireless long distance barcode scanner with cradle can help logistic solve these problem. they can be set on automactic-sense mode.