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The rise of 2D barcode drive the development of 2D barcode scanner (I)

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2016-07-15
   Universal application of smart phones and tablets before the birth of the 2D barcode is not to be optimistic about the application, we put a lot of resources to competing technology research and development. Ma said: 2D barcode is a mobile Internet portal. Application of 2D barcode , seemingly overnight penetrate into every aspect of our lives, subway ads, newspapers, tickets, airline tickets, fast food restaurants, movie theaters, buy web site and a variety of product packaging. Things as a part of the wave of industry, 2D barcode has never been such attention, some experts even predict that formed hundreds of billions of market space in two or three years.
     In the mobile Internet business model, people's broader range of business activities, and therefore require more timely information sharing and interaction. With the popularity of under 3G / 4G mobile network environment smartphones and tablets, 2D barcode application is no longer subject to the limitations of time and space and hardware devices. Information can be digitized basic attributes of products, pictures, sound, text, fingerprints encoded tied for product quality and safety traceability, logistics, warehousing, product promotions and business meetings, status, material identification documents and so on. You can move through the network, to achieve timely material flow tracking and tracing; assist remote equipment repair and maintenance; channeling anti-counterfeiting products and end consumer incentives; enterprise supply chain process reengineering, so as to further improve customer responsiveness, product and service extends to the end customer. Manufacturers are able to grasp timely market dynamics, to develop more useful products to meet the needs of customers and, ultimately, by a single production, will significantly reduce production costs and operating costs.