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Thermal Receipt Printer secrets (II)

  • Author:crystal
  • Release on:2016-09-29
  Thermal printer according to its arrangement of thermal elements can be divided into line-type thermal (Thermal Line Dot System) and column-type thermal (Thermal Serial Dot System). Column thermal is an early product, mainly used in some of the printing speed is not demanding occasions. Line-type thermal technology is the 20th century, 90 years, the printing speed is much faster than the column type thermal, is now widely used in line thermal printer.
   Overall, thermal printing speed, low noise, print clear, easy to use advantages. But the thermal printer can not print directly duplex, print out the documents can not be permanently saved, if the best thermal paper, can save ten years. The needle print can print double, and if you use a good ribbon, print documents can be stored for a long time, if the user needs to print invoices, the proposed use of needle print, other print other documents, it is recommended to use thermal printing.
product features:
1. comes with a monolithic processor, a small 6PIN data power one serial interface, easy to use with a variety of computer or intelligent instruments;
2. Instrument online use;
3. With Chinese characters, characters, graphics and other real-time print order, the instruction set compatible with the traditional printer;
4. Print speed adjustable, can use special settings software to adjust;
5. With self-detection function, print all the code, high-definition characters, beautiful fonts generous;