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What are 2d barcodes?

  • Author:Ben
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2016-10-13
2D Barcodes are symbologies that are capable of storing more information than can normally be contained in a conventional linear barcode. These include:

aztec | 2d barcodes
AZTEC – Excellent for viewing on cell phones and PDA displays:
qr code | 2d barcodes
QR Code – Marketing & Transportation applications:
datamatrix | 2d barcodes
DATAMATRIX – a square symbology, of varying densities used extensively in part marking and document ID as a large number of characters can fit in a small space:
pdf 417 | 2d barcodes
PDF417 – can be printed at a variety of aspect ratios and densities. Used in transportation, manifests, and personal ID including state driver’s licenses.
2D Barcodes can serve as portable data files, enabling the user to access information such as lot processing, shipment manifest, and serial number/sku data remote from the network database.

Most 2d codes require an imager, which algorithmically processes the image. Imager scanners are effectively digital cameras with integrated processors and therefore can also capture images such as signatures. As with linear barcode scanners, they can interface as a keyboard or serial emulation device, via USB, PS/2 or serial connection