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the application of barcode scanner in various industry (I)

  • Author:crystal
  • Release on:2016-12-01
   Scanner is the first generation in the 80's, barcode scanner is a combination of optical, mechanical, electronic and software applications such as a high-tech products, is a very important computer access equipment, it can be pictures, photos, etc. All kinds of graphics can be input to the computer equipment in the form of manuscript data, so as to realize the application of graphics information processing, use and storage, the development of scanning gun is very rapid, in various industries already have a very wide range of applications.
    Let us look at the following scan guns in various industries have what applications:
   Transportation: International transport associations have already made it clear that in the transport of goods, the packaging of goods must be affixed with bar code symbols for management and statistics. Bar code technology in the transport industry is very important, such as the subway, train, car automated ticketing and ticketing system, as well as the toll station ETC automatic toll system, which greatly facilitates the passengers and staff, provides the work of the staff Efficiency, the current bar code technology has become a unique commodity and goods mark, it can be called the goods ID card.
   Post and telecommunications: in the post and telecommunications industry bar code technology also plays a very important position, bar code technology greatly improved the mail sorting, information entry efficiency, you can read the bar code scanning gun information, greatly reducing the The workload of the staff.
     Traffic police enforcement: Now the traffic police, patrol and Interpol equipment have joined the more technology, bar code technology to join, can make the traffic police handheld terminal equipment, you can achieve data viewing, information entry, IC card read and Fingerprint input, etc., which greatly improve the efficiency of these departments of law enforcement, but also regulate the operation of law enforcement