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the considering element when choose barcode scanner

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2016-05-06
     Commercial (electronics, books, clothing, medicine, cosmetics, etc.), retail, postal services, telecommunications, warehousing, logistics, public security systems, customs systems, banking systems, medical systems ...... need to use scanner, generally from the following several considerations to select the desired scanner
     A scanner with superior performance both for large size, small yards, fuzzy code, color bar, the surface coating of the bar code, special code system will be able to upload at different angles and distances easy identification. If you use an ordinary cigarette or drink a bottle of bar code scan code to detect performance, all guns are similar, we recommend that you take some big, small, special code to detect the scanner's ability to scan code.
     Appearance and internal structure, if the number of mold understand knowledge, can be analyzed from the perspective of a professional mold design, mold line, mold interface. If you do not know, feel good feeling in the hand, which is the industry refers to the predicate, ergonomic, so that long-term use will not feel tired hands. Good appearance and mold but also from the side shows a firm grasp on the quality of the case.
     After-sales service, the normal three-month replacement, one year warranty, the most important is the credibility of manufacturers, distributors ultimately returned to the factory to make the sale. An oral commitment not make much sense, so no service is the best service.
     In addition, there are two places scanner Key life, a laser head, the other is the key, but with the laser line thickness does not matter. Good manufacturers in the selection, circuit design related. Long legs are generally theoretically switch button "flap" sound, and much shorter service life.
      Not the cheapest in the world, only the most reasonable. Do not blindly believe the low price, the company can continue to develop the required standardization of the management and reasonable price positioning. Low prices just means a strong business.
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