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Pos make your life more convenient

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2015-07-29

  Pos means the management system of point of sales. It includes barcode or OCR code technology terminal reader. The main function of POS is to support data service and management for trade between products and media and settle accounts with noncash.

  Pos is a multifunction terminal that you can connect with internet and then it support consuming balance enquiry, transfer etc. so it is more faster , safer and reliable. Using POS system can solve the management problem in retail.

  It is Suitable for large and medium-sized supermarkets, chain stores, supermarkets, large and medium-sized hotels and all the high-level management of retail enterprises.

POS include:

Customer display, two types of LED and VFD-- is for the customer, showing the amount paid, the change amount.

Receipt Printer - Print receiving small ticket printer. There are two kinds of dot matrix printers and thermal printers, dot matrix printer high prices.

Scanning equipment - barcode scanning equipment, there are barcode scanner and laser platform on the style, to read the barcode the products.