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Jennifer Lopez Has Apparently used the barcode scanner system to Managing Her Huge Wardrobe

  • Author:Rick
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2015-09-08

Technology is an amazing thing, and it’s allowed us to do a lot with our lives that would have been unthinkable before. And some people seem to have a knack for using these tools to the fullest, utilizing various modern gadgets to simplify their lives. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most recent examples of that.


According to a recent revelation by her, she’s been dealing with a quite stereotypical issue as far as Hollywood celebrities go – her wardrobe is simply too big. She has so many clothes that she’s apparently been having trouble figuring out what to wear and avoiding putting on the same things twice, which is why she has decided to resort to modern technology and summon it to her assistance.


Lopez has arranged her entire wardrobe with an intricate barcode system, categorizing her clothes according to various parameters, such as their size, color and when the clothes were worn. The system is apparently sophisticated enough to automatically keep track of what outfits she was wearing on particular days and whether or not she made any public appearances that ended up in the media.


And it all ties down to using a barcode scanner when she’s about to wear something. After going through her catalogue, she figures out what she wants to wear, picks it out from the wardrobe, and runs it through the scanner to register it into the system. That way, her wardrobe “knows” what she wore on that day, and is able to alert her if she’s about to put on the same outfit two times in a short period.


This extends to her accessories and jewelry, according to the report, and the system even has a picture attached to every item included in its database. We can only imagine the size of her wardrobe that would warrant running a system like this, and we wouldn’t be surprised if other celebrities took inspiration from that and started implementing something similar into their own lives.