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Why the barcode scanner can read the barcode sometimes

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2015-09-09

Barcode scanner usually called barcode reader

When barcode scanner start to work it can treat as a keyboard, scanning the barcode can be regarded as collecting the data and decoding. It is finished by PCB board and scan engine collecting data and decode automatically. The decoded data is transferred to the computer by keyboard input.

First connect the barcode scanner with mainframe. Then read the barcode of the manual to establish a communication with mainframe and barcode scanner. But Yumite barcode scanner no need to read barcode to setting , plug and play.

But sometimes why the barcode can’t be read?

First when scanning whether there is “beep” sound.

If no “beep” sound:

1.If it is right to operate the barcode scanner, whether the distance is too close or too far.

2.The type of barcode whether be opened in the scanner.

3.The barcode is damaged ,not clear

If there is “beep” sound:

1.Check the data line. Change another data line to have a try.

2.Whether the scanner is serial port.

3.Check the Baud rate is right.