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Yumite and Dudian Barcode Football Game

  • Author:Fiona
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2015-10-20

Last Saturday, Yumite Electronic VS Dudian Barcode Friendship Invitational Tournament in iron Kong Leisure football game officially opened. After ninety minutes of intense competition, Dudian Barcode 5: 1 win by four goals.

Referees a whistle, the game began, at 16:50pm. Both sides cheerleaders cheering, all players are into the state quickly. In the first quarter, Dudian barcode team shot one goal with their delicate footwork and clever match. Yumite team also showed good strength. Then the second started, the game sometimes caught anxious state. In incessant cheers, Dudian Barcode scored a goal again, the second ended with 2:0. The third coming. Players raced each other on the pitch, striker against striker, defensing, attacking. Yumite moving steadily to match the understanding of the formation and careful deployment of the opposing team launched a second great offensive threat, and ultimately successful shoot a ball! The game score 5:1 ended, and Dudian Barcode won.

We have dinner with harmonious atmosphere after friendly game. This event allows us to know the other’s charisma and passion, and enhance the deep friendship between the two companies! Keeping soccer deep friendships in my heart!