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How to choose barcode scanner to solve the difficulty in reading barcode (I)

  • Author:Crystal
  • Release on:2015-10-21

With development of internet, we contact with products everyday whether using or sale. Facing the products how to supervise these products efficiently? Barcode application can solve this problem.

1.       There are some different classifications, such as: 1D and 2D barcode scanner; laser and CCD barcode scanner; wired or wireless barcode scanner; handheld and hand-free barcode scanner.

2.       According different application scenario we can choose different barcode scanner. For example:

1)       in the mall or supermarket we can choose laser barcode scanner because it is fast decoding speed , mature technology. There will be less error when meet the checkout peak. In the seven-eleven or mini market you can choose the Bluetooth barcode scanner because it can connect with cellphone, computer and Ipad.

2)       Another example is the warehousing, logistics sites, we can choose wireless or wireless red laser scanner, there are two versions: Select the wireless laser, the pursuit of speed, accuracy, and select red, then attention is timely, effective, correct error rate; and recommend wireless reasons, it is because warehousing, logistics and the environment is generally more complex, large work area, wireless mobility and strong, wide coverage, by warehouse, warehouse objective conditions less affected.