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2D Bar Code Scanners's advantages

  • Author:Rick
  • Source:From Yumite
  • Release on:2015-10-22

The Ability To Can Scan Both 1D and 2D Bar Codes

Using a 2D bar code scanner means your client is ready for the future, but still able to work with the past. You can use a new 2D bar code scanner to read old 1D bar codes as well as new 2D bar codes. This means your company can move into the future but won’t have to overhaul its old system or demand new bar codes from old suppliers, clients, or customers.

The Cost Has Dropped Considerably.

While 2D bar codes used to be significantly more expensive than 1D bar codes they no longer are. The price of 2D bar code scanners is now comparable to 1D bar code scanners, and there are affordable bar code scanning solutions that include 2D bar code scanners.

The reduction in cost means that 2D bar code scanners and the inventory and asset management systems that use them can pay for themselves even quicker. Investing in an effective 2D bar code system saves time and reduces inventory and asset loses.

“Wasp software has allowed us to track where everything is at all times,” explains Nathan Miller, Team Command at The University of Iowa’s EMS Student Interest Organization (UIEMSSIO). “We are able to use our mobile computers at both locations, the student center and a storage room across campus. The use of our supplies is automatically tracked to the central computer; this is a drastic improvement over manually writing everything down and transferring it to Google Docs.”