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New Airport Equipment based on Barcode Scanner

  • Author:Fiona
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2015-10-30

"If we can do things to get help get people through the building through the parking lot out and getting them on their way home that's what we’re focusing on", Glenn Januska, Casper-Natrona County International Airport’s director said.

Along with new ticket dispensers, airport officials installed a new way of scanning your ticket to get flyers out faster.

"We now have is a system that will allow us to not only control revenue, how much is being charged for what vehicles, but we can do a lot of type of report write”, Januska said.

The barcode scanner lets airport officials know when people are coming into the lot, how many people are in the lot, and when people are leaving.

'It's just a little easier for us it's all computerized so it makes it faster for us too", Donna Fisher, the airports cashier said.

Flyers now have the option of going through an automated exit lane.

"This gives passengers an option to pay with credit cards or debit cards”, Januska said.

With an additional lane, it's helped the cashier as well.

'It's easier to go, we get them out of here quicker and that's what the public likes", Fisher added.

With people using more debit and credit cards, Januska says additional lanes may be installed in the future.