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2D barcode scanner features

  • Author:Rick
  • Source:From Yumite
  • Release on:2015-10-29
Increased Functionality And Versatility. 
Using 2D bar code scanners significantly increases what you can do with your bar code scanner. Traditional 1D bar code scanners can only scan 1D bar codes one at a time and often from only one angle. This can make scanning items complicated and difficult and in some cases impossible.
2D bar code scanners work omnidirectional which means they can scan from any angle and this helps a lot when you need to reach items that are on shelves or stored in tight or odd locations. The 2D bar code scanners also can scan multiple bar codes in one scan; this means you could scan 4 bar codes with one reading and get information on an item’s serial number, part number, lot, and date. Additionally 2D scanners can scan from screens, like smartphones, which can be useful for couponing and ticketed events.