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How does the scan module work in KIOSK device

  • Author:crystal
  • Release on:2017-04-06
   When it comes to bar code scanning equipment, many people first thought of the current market common hand-held bar code scanning gun, or stand on the desktop scanning platform. However, in the category of scanning equipment, there is a type that is often seen in our lives, but because of its "hidden", it is often ignored by the readers of friends, this scanning device is hidden Self - service machine embedded scanning module

   By understanding, we found that although some of the readers of friends on the embedded two-dimensional bar code scanning module name is also slightly heard, but do not know what it is like, or what model is better. Therefore, we introduce a model for the Yumite YT-M401 embedded two-dimensional bar code scanning module.

  Yumite's appearance size is 750mm × 37mm × 21mm, the degree of precision can reach 10mil. At the same time, small streamlined design, in addition to the perfect embedded in the various types of machines to go outside, even directly placed in the external use, is also very beautiful.
In the configuration, this scanning module is also the same category of products in the leader, which not only supports the current market is more common USB interface, but also support RS232 such a relatively rare interface.

   YT-M401 self-service machine embedded scanning module in the bar code scanning process, the speed is very to force, and more importantly, this scanning device can also mobile phones, ipad and other electronic screen above the bar code scanning, and scanning The speed is also inferior and the speed of scanning paper bar code, very suitable for some in need of fast-paced cinema self-service ticket machine, or faster demand for self-service vending machines and other scenes.