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Bar Code Scanning in a Patient Care Environment

  • Author:Farwa Batool
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on:2017-03-31
Because of recent attention on the deadly impact of medication errors, there has been increased pressure to implement more accurate pharmaceutical inventory controls and automatic identification technologies to reduce or eliminate these errors.
Particular attention has been directed to the administration of medication to hospital patients by medical staff and the use of computer and automatic identification (Auto ID) technology to ensure compliance to what are known as “The Five Rights” – The right patient, the right time, the right medication, the right strength and the right dosage. In considering the Auto ID technologies available for this application, bar codes are the most common as well as the most easily and economically implemented technology today. Bar codes placed on patient identification bracelets and medicine labels are scanned into a computer to verify accuracy before any medication is administered. Using bar code scanning technology, a hospital can identify and prevent thousands of potential errors each year, saving lives.
Among the technologies available for reading bar codes, laser scanning has several significant advantages over other methods. Side by side  Shenzhen World Reputation Electronics Technology Co., Ltd plays a vital role in introducing these below  mentioned  laser scanning [products such as ;

1) Hot-Sale Wired Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner YT-763,
2)  Wireless Laser barcode scanner YT-903
These barcode scanner  advantages include a faster read rate, lower power requirements (which result in longer battery life for portable terminals) and less user training needed, because laser scanners are typically more intuitive to use than other technologies. Welcome  new customer to  buy  this high technology  laser barcode scanner and  change  the every day life in a patient care environment.