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The Application of Barcode Scanner in Logistics Distribution (II)

  • Author:crystal
  • Release on:2017-03-30
  Outbound operations: the reverse process of warehousing operations, but can directly record the associated logistics information, such as the transport unit arrival time, efficiency, operating personnel and equipment characteristics.
  Inventory management: a direct inventory of a single commodity, accurate review, timely inspection, to achieve a one-time inventory of the completion of the function. To prevent errors due to document entry and time delay, as well as due to different personnel, different time, different ways, different states of the review itself presented chaos, but also can reduce the printing of a large number of documents brought about by the loss of interest.
   Goods Issue: Print the goods list and ask the receptionist to confirm. Team personnel should carry a label printer that can receive wireless commands
   Requirement Registration: Confirm and register new user requirements. The job data is sent to the computer management system via wireless or communication cable.
    As a bar code automatic identification technology products professional brand, a large bar code launched a series of high-grade industrial scanners, imported laser / red scan engine, full support for one-dimensional / two-dimensional bar code scanning; industrial grade drop, waterproof, dust , High-capacity battery, can fully qualified for a variety of harsh environments in high-intensity operations for logistics, electricity business enterprises to provide a strong data collection, transmission functions, so that mobile operations more efficient!