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Several kinds of barcode scanners as below, you can buy it from Yumite

  • Author:Ben
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on :2016-07-22
Types of Barcode Scanners
Barcode scanners come in several different form-factors, to fit different settings and needs. While POS terminals might require a stationary scanner and scale, other applications may benefit from the versatility of handheld or wireless scanners.

Handheld Barcode Scanners
Handheld scanners are the most common type of barcode scanner, and are available with laser or image-based technology. Usually employing a standard form factor and pistol grip, handheld scanners are simple to operate; simply aim the scanner at the barcode and pull the trigger. Some handheld scanners are wireless, while others connect via a USB or keyboard port. Many models of handheld scanners come with a stand for hands-free scanning, making them ideal for applications which require versatility.

Wireless Scanners
A variant of the handheld scanner is the wireless or cordless scanner, which operates without a physical connection to a computer. These scanners generally connect via Bluetooth or radio frequency communication, although some use WiFi networks. Wireless scanners reduce clutter and are necessary for some environments where cords could present a safety hazard. Wireless range and battery life vary greatly in wireless scanners based on the technologies used.

Mobile Computer Barcode Scanners
Some wireless scanners are incorporated into mobile computers, providing scanning, decoding, and storage and communication functions in one device. Without the need for separate computer connections, these devices can roam freely, making them ideal for applications like inventory management which require true mobility. Additionally, many smartphones can be used as mobile barcode scanners, using built-in or add-on technologies.

Industrial Scanners
Some handheld scanners are made with increased durability and ruggedness, perfect for industrial uses. Many of these units are shock and water resistant, and some are dust or contaminant proof, making them suitable for outdoor use. Industrial scanners are usually distinguished by their yellow or red cases, rubber housing, and larger size.

Hands-free Barcode Scanners
While many handheld barcode readers are designed to be used with a stationary stand, many applications can benefit from a true hands-free scanner. Stationary scanners, also known as presentation scanners, generally have a larger scanning area and triggerless operation, making them much faster for scanning large numbers of items past a stationary point. This makes them ideal for POS and retail settings.

Omnidirectional Scanners
Omnidirectional scanners use multiple lasers or an image sensor to capture barcodes at any angle and direction. They are designed to scan barcodes as they move, and generally feature triggerless operation. Barcodes are scanned by moving them past the sensor, and their orientation-neutral operation increases scanning speed while decreasing the need for aiming. Omnidirectional scanners come in both 1D and 2D varieties.

In-counter Barcode Scanners
Many hands-free scanners are designed to embed into a countertop. These units often feature omnidirectional sensors and built - in scales, making them ideal for grocery stores and self checkout terminals. In-counter scanners are often the most expensive form of scanner, but offer unmatched functionality for many retail settings.