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What Kind of Barcode Scanner should You Buy from Yumite?

  • Author:Ben
  • Source:Yumite
  • Release on :2016-08-01
What Kind of Barcode Scanner should You Buy?

1> Are you reading 1D or 2D barcodes?
2> How many barcodes do you expect to scan in a day?
3> In what kind of environment (retail, industrial, warm, cold, etc.) will the scanner be used?
1D Barcode Scanner Types:
1) Handheld/Handfree Barcode Scanner:
The most common, and most popular, type of scanners, Handheld Barcode Scanner is a staple of retail data capture. With a trigger grip and ergonomic design, handheld barcode scanners are built to meet the specific needs of a variety of uses. We've separated handheld scanners into three different sub-categories, segmenting it into common uses.
A. Entry Level Scanners - Least expensive, close range scanning, limited capabilities
Recommended Use: Low volume scanning across multiple industries
Models to Try: Economical Handfree Barcode Scanner YT-760L 
B. Middle-level Scanners - Mid-range pricing, can read poorly printed barcodes, greater programming options
Recommended Use: Medium to high volume scanning across multiple industries
Models to Try: Handheld Barcode Scanner YT-892
C. Professional-Level Scanners - Most expensive, many are shock and contamination resistant, usually highly programmable
Recommended Use: High volume scanning for industrial environments
Models to Try: High Precision Handfree Barcode Scanner YT-2401
2) Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner
If you need added mobility when scanning, a Wireless Barcode Scanner may be right for you. These Barcode Scanners use Bluetooth or RF radios to send data to a communications cradle connected to your computer, allowing you to travel up to three hundred feet from your computer to scan barcodes. Bluetooth models have added bonus of compatibility with Bluetooth-compatible mobile computers, laptops, or smartphones, giving you greater mobility.
Recommended Use: Mobile barcode scanning and handy solution on the go environments
Models to Try: Compact Bluetooth Barcode Scanner YT-892 or Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner YT-883