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Thermal Receipt Printer secrets (I)

  • Author:crystal
  • Release on :2016-09-22
  Thermal paper is a working paper, the manufacturing principle is the quality of the original paper coated with a layer of "thermal paint" (thermochromic layer). Thermal paper is placed above 70 ℃ environment, heat-sensitive coating began to change color. Its also about the cause of discoloration from its ingredients. Thermal thermal paper coating composition mainly two: one is called colorless dye or leuco dye; the other is a color-developing agent. Such thermal paper is also known as a two-component type thermal recording paper chemistry. Heat, colorless dye and the color developing agent, a chemical reaction produces a color thermal paper case, then the received signal using thermal paper printing or direct thermal printer for printing on the fax machine, the graphics on the show. Since the colorless dye used in many varieties, so the appearance of writing there are different colors, blue, purple, black.
   Line thermal printer can be divided into thermal (Thermal Line Dot System) and columns Thermal (Thermal Serial Dot System) in accordance with its arrangement of thermal elements. Thermal column belong to the early products, mainly used in some of the print speed of less demanding occasions. Thermal line belong to 1990s technology, the printing speed is much faster than the column Thermal, is currently widely used is thermal line printer.